In the coming days, the 8th Interferences International Theatre Festival will present such defining works of dramatic literature as Eugène Ionesco's Macbett, Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot and István Örkény's tragicomedy The Tóth Family, as well as András Urbán's In the Name of the Lord and Christoph Marthaler's Aucune Idée. Among the directors of the following days' performances are such renowned artists as András Urbán, Silviu Purcărete, Gábor Tompa, Christoph Marthaler and Attila Vidnyánszky.

On Sunday, November 20, following the discussion of the previous evening's Omma, starting at 10 am, the book launch of George Banu's Obiecte rănite [Wounded Objects] will take place at 11 am at TIFF House.

Also on Sunday, two performances of András Urbán's In the Name of the Lord will take place in the Studio, from 5 pm and 10 pm, respectively, by the company of the Dezső Kosztolányi Theatre in Subotica. “The performance is a brutal politically incorrect stage action. It uses a new political paradigm - we are allowed to be bad guys. Does this mean that the “Kosztolányi Dezső” theatre suddenly turned right? Come and find out!” – stated the creators of the production.

On Sunday, November 20, at 7 pm, festival audiences can enjoy the a performance of Macbett, directed by Silviu Purcărete, on the theatre's Main Stage.

“Led by Silviu Purcărete's masterful baton, the actors fully succeed in creating that distancing effect in which the viewer's consciousness is divided between horror of the subject and laughter, so that the story of the massacre becomes bearable, but the discomfort remains, inviting reflection.” - writes Eugenia Sarvari of the production staged by the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj.

An audience meeting will take place the next day, Monday, November 21 at 10 am at TIFF House with the creators of the Macbett and In the Name of the Lord. This will be followed by the launch of two books edited by Jozefina Komporaly, Radical Revival as Adaptation and Plays from Romania: Dramaturgies of Subversion, at the same venue, from 12 noon.

On Monday evening at 7 pm, the audience can view Samuel Beckett's drama Waiting for Godot, directed by Gábor Tompa, in an unusual venue. The production of the São João National Theatre in Porto will be performed in the Main Hall of the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca.

“Most often, perhaps, directors think of this work as the endgame of humanity, but Gábor Tompa's production presents a very different picture: much more playfulness, comedy and temperament than usual, while retaining the philosophical depths of the play” – wrote Judit Ungvári about the performance.

A post-performance audience meeting with the creators of Waiting for Godot will take place on November 21, in the second floor lobby of the Romanian National Opera of Cluj.

On Monday evening at 10 pm, jazz musician Lucian Ban, a familiar figure to Cluj jazz fans, will be performing at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj. This time he will present his latest solo album, Ways of Disappearing, was quickly met with rave reviews and critical acclaim in The Wall Street Journal, Downbeat Magazine, New York City Jazz Record, and has spawned tours in the United States and Europe.

On Tuesday, November 22, at 12 noon, TIFF House will host the launch of András Visky's latest book, the novel Kitelepítés [Deportation]. “András Visky's book is a poignant and uplifting story of a family that, even in the midst of vulnerability and humiliation, draws its strength from love and trust time and time again.” - reads the book's blurb.

The exhibition of Botond Részegh, whose previous exhibitions (Dazzle and Damnation - 2016; The Anatomy of War - 2018) were also open to the Interferences public in past years, will be opened at Tranzit House, at 5 pm. His latest exhibition is entitled Everyday Angel. The exhibition will be open from between November 22 and 27, from 12 noon to 5 pm.

From 7 pm, the Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne's co-production of Aucune Idée, directed by internationally renowned Swiss director Christoph Marthaler, will take place on the theatre's Main Stage. Marthaler stands out through his innovative aesthetic, which in many cases unfolds in decidedly everyday settings, such as waiting rooms, cafés or pharmacies. A master of urgency, irony and dissonance, he has created an utterly unique theatrical poesy of words, song and music.

An audience meeting with the creators of Aucune Idée will take place the next day, on November 23 at 11 am at TIFF House. The performance will also be presented a second time November 23, at 6 pm, on the theatre's Main Stage.

Tuesday evening will close with István Örkény's famous classic The Tóth Family, directed by Attila Vidnyánszky. The joint production of the Gyula Castle Theatre and the Gyula Illyés National Theatre in Berehovo will be performed in the Studio at 9 pm.

“Today’s problems are largely the same as they were when The Toth Family was written. Örkény investigates basic issues. Human nature does not change, and the system of relations that the play outlines is absolutely transferable to the present. This is the property of the great works, the classics.” - stated Attila Vidnyánszky, the director of the production.

The conversation with the creators of the performance will take place after the performance in the lobby of the Studio.


The festival is co-organised by the Corvineum Foundation, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Government of Hungary and the Bethlen Gábor Fund, as well as the Cluj-Napoca City Hall and City Council. The event is supported by the European Theatre Union, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the Office for Interethnic Relations, Energobit, the Communitas Foundation and the Cluj County Council. Its main partners are TIFF House, Transit House, Romanian Opera of Cluj, UNITER. Mobility partner: RMB Inter Auto.

Tickets for the performances featured in the festival are available online at www.biletmaster.ro and at the theatre's ticket office.

The theatre's ticket office will be open from 10 am to 10 pm daily during the festival, between November 17 and 27.

The theatre reserves the right to alter the programme!

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