The 8th Interferences International Theatre Festival of Cluj ended on Sunday, November 27, with performances by Collectif A from Paris and the Luxembourg National Theatre - Ensemble Modern.

During the eleven days of the event, Cluj audiences were able to enjoy performances by a total of fourteen companies from eleven countries. Following the previous 2020 online edition of the festival, this time the programme included companies from France, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland and South Korea.

The central theme of this year's festival was Fear / Hope, which sought to launch a dialogue on the events and life experiences that have shaken our world and our daily lives over the past two years through performances by major artists and companies of contemporary world theatre.

The festival's performances were very popular with the audience in Cluj. Among the studio productions, seats sold out almost instantly for The Chairs, a Gábor Tompa staging with the National Theatre of Luxembourg, starring actor-director Patrick Le Mauff and Romanian actress Oana Pellea; The Tóth Family, directed by Attila Vidnyánszky (a joint production of the Gyula Castle Theatre and the Illyés Gyula National Theatre in Berehovo), and the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj and the Gyula Castle Theatre's production of Young Barbarians directed by Attila Vidnyánszky, Jr.

Among the Main Stage productions, the most popular were the pansori rendition of The Old Man and the Sea by South Korean artist Jaram Lee and Josef Nadj's own parisian company, Atelier 3+1's dance performance Omma.

The accompanying events - book launches, talks, exhibitions, concerts - also attracted a large number of visitors to TIFF House and the Tranzit House.


The festival is co-organised by the Corvineum Foundation, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Government of Hungary and the Bethlen Gábor Fund, as well as the Cluj-Napoca City Hall and City Council. The event is supported by the European Theatre Union, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the Office for Interethnic Relations, Energobit, the Communitas Foundation and the Cluj County Council. Its main partners are TIFF House, Transit House, Romanian Opera of Cluj, UNITER. Mobility partner: RMB Inter Auto.

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