Lansare de carte: Revoluții. Antologie de Teatru Contemporan Polonez [Revolutions: Anthology of contemporary Polish theatre]

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Revolutions. An Anthology of Contemporary Polish Theatre [Revoluții. Antologie de Teatru Contemporan Polonez], Art Publishing House, 2022

Anthology and preface by Katarzyna Niedurny
Introduction by Oana Cristea Grigorescu
Translation from Polish by Ioana Diaconu-Mureșan, Marina Ilie, Marina Palii and Stanca Potoroacă
Published with the support of the Polish Institute in Bucharest, project coordinator Paweł Rutkowski, cultural expert at the Polish Institute in Bucharest.

Born between 1972 and 1989, the young authors are the representatives of today's Polish dramaturgy, widely performed in theatres, many of them awarded at national drama competitions or with the prestigious Paszport Polityki Polish cultural prize, awarded by the Polityka weekly for the social and cultural relevance of their texts. All the texts selected in this volume were written in the last decade and are relevant to the questioning of traumas and uncomfortable aspects of Polish society today, which the artists confront and debate in various performative forms.

The monologue, the public discourse, the epic poem and the impersonal narration predominate in non-linear dramaturgical formulae that reject lyricism in favor of coarse language, often an explicit manifesto, but which stimulate the viewer's sense of awareness and empathy. (...) Political, socially engaged, feminist, non-normative, these texts carry on the tradition of political, engaged, self-reflexive Polish theatre, concerned with society's critical issues.

Oana Cristea Grigorescu


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