Színháztól színházig – 36 interjú Tompa Gáborral [From theatre to theatre – 36 interviews with Gábor Tompa]

Book launch
November 25 12:00 - TIFF House
From theatre to theatre – 36 interviews with Gábor Tompa

Bookart Publishing, 2022

The book is presented by critic Judit Simon.

Those who read interviews with Gábor Tompa will not only get to know Gábor Tompa better. Those who interview Gábor Tompa will also experience that they are not the interviewer, only the interviewee. With his works, which have been seen around the world, Tompa also questions them, makes them choose, makes them ask questions.
The interviewer is a character who allows Gábor Tompa's questions to transform, either in the longer or shorter term, everything they might think about the world, and it in turn shapes the interviewer's questions.
In this volume, too, the inquiries into the world begin with Gábor Tompa, are transformed in the interviewers' formulations, and once again reach their final destination: the ever-present viewer, the ever-present reader.

Zsolt Karácsonyi

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